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Muse Canada is an inclusive, soon to be nation wide collective for all Arts, Culture and Entertainment communities, to provide communication, opportunity and resources through networking and essential activism. Muse Canada Inc is here to educate on non-partisan activism to validate and increase the profile of the ACE industries to government agencies at all levels.

If you’ve ever felt like as an artist or entrepreneur, you’ve been swept aside by your governing bodies and that your voice is not being heard, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re not alone in your quest to be realized as an important member of a community. Muse Canada is intent on making real change in the way arts communities are recognized by our governing bodies. 

Arts groups, dance studios, live music venues, set designers, filmmakers, and every other passion driven vocation in the arts community are currently treated not only as separate, but as insignificant – rather than as the multi-billion dollar industry that these ACE companies really represent, despite the fact that they are constantly working together to carve out a livelihood, and increase the value of our society. Muse Canada seeks to bring these realizations to light to our governing bodies, prompt real change and seek to ensure that our industries are given the credence they deserve.  (above information is wording from the Muse Canada Inc website.)

Rebecca is grateful to be a part of this hard working team, namely the Manager of Workshops for the Edmonton Region. What this means is she's the lovely face you'll be communicating with when you'd like some information on education, webinars, workshops and in person events! The hostess with the mostess, she's an advocate that will gladly guide you in getting the support that you need.


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