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Sometimes, you just have to create your own opportunities. And that's just what Rebecca is doing! While loving being a part of the Edmonton arts scene, she also has a strong desire to tell different stories - stories not often told, stories told from a unique perspective, stories performers need support in telling. Enter DEPTH Perception Productions.

Diverse. Engage. Perform. Teach. Heart. DEPTH takes each of those concepts into consideration when creating a project. Rebecca wants to create more space for more performers to have their voices heard. Whether it's telling a story that creates discussion, telling a story that absolutely has to be heard, supporting other artists in telling their story or providing platforms for artists to showcase each other - Rebecca is passionate about creating art that has meaning.

From cabarets to variety shows to original work to cult classics, DPP is the place to learn, create and celebrate.

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And so here we are, getting ready to laugh at an outrageous, vulgar, hilarious but also vulnerable and touching story of 3 women who barely know each other and yet bond over how one person in their lives had them feeling so shitty about themselves but was the catalyst for being all of who they are. how's that for a tagline? 

Enjoy the show. enjoy your friends. enjoy your wine.