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Rebecca has always been dramatic, borderline obnoxious, passionate, loving, stubborn, hilarious and vulnerable - now she's just owning it all.


A lover of all things artsy, she both attends as well as educates and performs in anything she can get her hands on that allows her to become immersed in a story. A triple threat around Edmonton, Rebecca has created her own opportunities, as well as joined teams that share her vision. 

Rebecca has her own production company DEPTH Perception Productions, where she has produced several musical cabarets, wrote/directed plays and curated stand up comedy shows.

A sought after production team member, Rebecca has directed for Horizon Players, Walterdale Theatre and Festival Players; been stage manager for Sky's The Limit Youth Theatre, Override Theatre and Leduc Drama Society.  Rebecca also uses that business brain for advocacy work with Muse Canada Inc, Artist Business Centre and board work with CO*LAB, Infinite Imagination Theatre and Horizon Players. 

Rebecca performs with Die-Nasty The Live Improvised Soap Opera, as well as Mile Zero Dance, Fission 2 Fusion and Smoking Gun Entertainment. Rebecca's background in dance has allowed her to choreograph for numerous dance shows and musicals, and she is founder of dance company Shift Happens.  Rebecca teaches dance with FACE, Mile Zero Dance and her own drop in classes. 

Rebecca is always looking for ways to use her voice and being an arts educator is an important piece of that. She has a unique way to address issues that we all deal with, while being honest, sharing her experiences and letting people know they aren't alone. Students seem to gravitate towards her and she's taught them all, from babies to young adults. If your voice is stuck, she'll support you in doing the work to find it.

If there's a controversy, a wrong to be righted, or a confrontation to be had, Rebecca will usually be smack dab in the middle of it.....with a grin.


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Rebecca is proud to have a variety of talents, skills and passions that allow her to support so many others. Whether you want theatre, music, dance, education, production, performance or some beautiful hybrid of them all, she's thrilled to connect with you!

Each company Rebecca is a part of has their individual contact information. Please see individual pages to connect.

General inquires: Phone 780-905-7881
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"Be Brave. Without bravery, you will never know the world as richly as it longs to be known. Without bravery, your life will remain small - far smaller than you probably wanted your life to be."     
Elizabeth Gilbert

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